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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Come on Angelina! Brad's right--every kid should have a dog!

If the National Ledger is to be believed, Angelina's pissed at Brad. And why? Because he wants to get a dog for their children!

We all knew Angelina wasn't the warmest person around, but preventing her own children from the enjoying the love and companionship of a pet is simply cruel!

According to an insider, "Brad and Angelina have gone around and around about the dog issue. Angelina feels there are too many issues precluding them from getting a pet – they're always traveling, and the household staff would end up caring for the animal."

Just so we're clear--their lifestyle doesn't preclude them from adopting or having a dozen kids, but Angelina thinks a pet is too much?!? What kind of parent must she be if she'd treat the kids worse than a dog?

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alicia and Dita go Sexy for PETA

We're not sure how naked Hollywood starlets help to change minds, but PETA keeps trying, God love them!

This time its Alicia Silverstone for eliminating meat and Dita Von Teese for Animal Birth Control.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pixie Acia of L.A. Ink Talks Dogs

Girls with this many tattoos usually don't meet with our approval, but Pixie totally makes it work. Plus, she loves animals!

The star of TV's L.A. Ink and the manager of High Voltage Tattoo studio in Los Angeles is the proud owner of two pit bulls named Cupcake and Chopper and a cat named Monkey. According to BuddyTV.com, Pixie hopes to launch her own doggie rescue in the future, and she hinted that viewers will see more about her love of animals in future episodes of LA Ink.

“I have been a huge dog lover my whole life… I currently have two of the cutest Pit bull girls in the world! They live together in perfect harmony with my cat, Monkey. They fill our house with so much love,” she said.

Read more on BuddyTV.com.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Richard Pryor's Widow Honors His Legacy With Dog Rescue

Jennifer Lee Pryor and famous comedian and actor Richard Pryor were separated at one time, but their shared love of animals (especially dogs) led them to reconcile. Now, Jennifer is honoring her late husband by working tirelessly to help animals as part of the dog rescue program Pryor's Planet.

Check out the article on CBS2.com and KCAL9.com. You'll learn about Jennifer's animal advocacy, her mission and support of dog rescue, her need for volunteers and her late husband's love of the planet, the environment and all creatures big and small.

For more information about Pryor's Planet or Richard Pryor's animal legacy visit pryorsplanet.com or richardpryor.com.

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Charlie Sheen Kicks Dogs

We were not huge fans of Charlie Sheen or his hit show, "Two Men and a Kid Who's Aging Awkwardly," but now not we're not fans at all. The Sun Online reports that Denise Richards (who might've thought twice about marrying famed playboy Sheen in the first place) has filed court papers accusing Charlie of kicking the family dog in front of their kids.

Sheen denies it, of course. If true, Charlie needs to get over himself. If he feels the need to get violent, perhaps he can find someone to kick the crap out of him instead of taking his insecurities out on a defenseless pet! Shame on you, Charlie!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vegan Vixens Post to Fight Dog Fighting

We have nothing against hotties posing for a good cause. And this is a good cause!

The Vegan Vixens have released a football themed anti-dog fighting poster, shot by celebrity photographer David Gomez whose recent works include projects for Von Dutch and Harley Davidson.

And if you are in LA and want a signed poster, the Vixens, in conjunction with the Humane Society (HSUS), will be on site for a performance and poster signing at The Sunset Room on Saturday, September 29th. The Sunset Room is located at 1430 N. Cahuenga in Hollywood.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Susan Sarandon Goes Dog Crazy

Susan Sarandon is a goddess--beautiful, talented, and spectacular. And We thought that before we even knew she's crazy for her dog!

On the set of "Mr. Woodcock," her dog Penny got the star treatment. The costume designers decided to dress up the dog just like her beauty queen character.

Says Susan, "They did a really sweet thing. I had brought my little dog, who’s just a mutty dog and they made her a prom dress just like mine. … She wore it to my son Jack’s pre-prom junior year dance, last May. It had little rhinestones and was made from the same material as my outfit in the film."

She's even started a scrap book with her dog in pictures on different sets because, "it’s pretty funny."

We love Susan!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Michael Vick ruins it for other celeb Pit Bull Owners

I think it's sad what Michael Vick has done to the breed of Pit Bulls. I don't mean the inhumane treatment, for which I hope Vick pays dearly. We're talking about the fact he's reinforced the stereotype of Pit Bulls as naturally mean and dangerous dogs.

We know some Pit Bulls, and they are delightful creatures--happy, easygoing, and loyal. Many, many Pit Bull owners love to brag about their pets. And then along comes Michael Vick and his headlines, and now other celeb Pit Bull owners are reluctant to speak about their pets.

Michael Griffin is one of those Pit Bull owners. He is the Tennessee Titans' top draft pick in 2007 and is known for his love of his Pit Bulls. When he played in Austin, Griffin would give the media weekly updates about his dogs, how he looked for dog shows on the Internet and how he enjoyed breeding them.

Now, he won't chat about his love of the breed. Michael Vick has ruined it for him. It's sad to see, but hopefully loving and positive owners like Griffin will begin to salvage the Pit Bull's reputation by letting people know the breed can be safe when raised, treated, and bred appropriately.

Read more on OxfordPress.com.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Orlando Bloom dines with his dog

Here's a nice shot of the dashing Orlando Bloom going out to dinner with his date--his dog. This shot is from SplashNewsOnline.com.

Deion Sanders is a Shallow, Stupid, Awful Human Being

Did you hear about this? Did you hear about Deion Sanders' column about Michael Vick? Can you believe it?

Michael Vick's arrest for dog fighting is well known, but let's review the facts quickly to set the stage for the piles of bullshit Deion Sanders heaped on top of this horror:
  • A federal grand jury indicted Vick for "knowingly sponsoring... an animal fighting venture" over the course of six years.
  • Based on reports from those involved in his illegal operation, Vick is alleged to have participated in illegal gambling, personally handling cash settlements with purses as high as $26,000 for single match. (Big man--makes $26,000 while a dog dies. How proud that must have made him feel.)
  • The indictment included specifics of the extensive violence against dogs, including executions by electrocution, hanging, drowning, shooting, and other brutality.
  • His partners in crime reported Vick direct participated in executing "8 dogs in or about April 2007" at his Virginia property.
  • At least one dog was killed by being "slammed to the ground."
  • Federal authorities took possession of animals who were recovered alive but had to be destroyed because of their training as fighting animals.
How any normal human could read that and not get angry is beyond us. But of course, athletes have to band together to support each other (and prove how ignorant, crass, and undeserving of hero worship they are.) So Deion Sanders published a column in The News-Press that reads like it was written by a 10-year-old with no sense of right or wrong. For example:
  • "What a dog means to Vick might be a lot different than what he means to you or I." True, a dog to me is a living being with feelings, emotions, and the capacity for great caring. To Michael Vick they're living pieces of meat whose torture, pain, and death are cause for drinking, carousing, and a good time.

  • "Some people kiss their dogs on the mouth. Some people let their dogs eat from their plate. Some people dress their dogs in suits more expensive than mine, if you can believe that. And some people enjoy proving they have the biggest, toughest dog on the street." Just to be clear, Deion believes all of the following fall into the same classification: Kissing dogs on the mouth, eating with dogs, dressing dogs, and slamming a dog to the ground with such force that the dog's skull is crushed and he dies from trauma.

  • "You're probably not going to believe this, but I bet Vick loves the dogs that were the biggest and the baddest." Yes, I believe Vick "loved" the dogs that were the biggest and baddest. The others? He drowned, electrocuted, hung, shot, and crushed to death. But hey, he really, really loved the dogs that lived, so Deion says that's just fine.

  • "Are we using Vick to get to the ringleader? Are we using him to bring an end to dogfighting in the United States? The only thing I can gather from this situation is that we're using Vick." Poor, poor Michael Vick. The guy breaks Federal laws on racketeering, gambling, and animal cruelty; he funds it; he participates in it; he personally murders animals in the cruelest of ways--and now he must take responsibility for his actions. And to Deion this is the equivalent of "using" Michael Vick.

  • "I believe Vick had a passion for dogfighting. I know many athletes who share his passion. The allure is the intensity and the challenge of a dog fighting to the death. It's like ultimate fighting, but the dog doesn't tap out when he knows he can't win." First of all, the fact that Deion acknowledges "many athletes" share the "passion" of animal cruelty is disgusting. Secondly, he mentions it as if Vick should be held less accountable because all the other kids are doing it. And perhaps the most offensive part of this statement is the implication that dogfighting is so much better and more enjoyable because the dogs fight to the death unlike, apparently, wimpy human fighters who expect and are provided an opportunity to live, even after losing a match.

  • "It reminds me of when I wore a lot of jewelry back in the day because I always wanted to have the biggest chain or the biggest, baddest car. It gives you status." Yes, Deion is now comparing the torture and murder of living creatures to wearing jewelry. Apparently, so long as a man with big muscles, a small dick, and no brain can achieve "status" by electrocuting or shooting a dog, it's okay to Deion.

  • "The reason this is turning into a three-ring circus is that baseball is boring, basketball is months away, football is around the corner and we in the media don't have a thing interesting to write about." No, Deion, the reason this has become a media circus is 1) Michael Vick broke the law, and 2) his actions are so offensive that any human being with a shred of decency is outraged and horrified. You, Mr. Sanders, are apparently not among the human beings with a shred of decency.
I don't know why you'd want to read more, but to see Deion Sanders prove his ignorance, callousness, and cold-heartedness, you can read the entire text here.

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